About us

who are we

Transtronic sell, install and produce our in-house developed electrical and mechanical aiming indicators for customers working in harsh environment within rock drilling industry.

We support our rock drilling customers to achieve higher accuracy leading to more efficient drilling which will result in higher profitability for the customer and less environment impact.

Transtronic has been working with advanced drilling equipment already since 1972 when the founder, Gunnar Thele, started the company. We are situated in Köping, Sweden where 18 dedicated people are working. We cover everything from development and design, as well as manufacturing, installation and repair.
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Our vision

Our equipment shall be the natural first choice for our customers within rock drilling. Transtronic is in the forefront in the development of aiming precision tools and ease-of-use. Transtronic shall always live and act accordingly, both ethical as well as morally towards all of our customers as well as employees. Transtronic shall also be an attractive employer.

Quality policy

Transtronic shall develop and produce equipment with the expected performance and quality. All the products and services shall be delivered within the right timeframe according to agreement with the customer.

Personnel policy

Each and every employee shall be aware of all policies and goals that Transtronic has, they shall also know and understand their roles and responsibilities and which resources they have to be able to achieve these goals.

The head of each department is responsible for recruitment, development and also resignation for employees within his/hers responsibility. The manager shall also perform an annual appraisal with all employees and he or she shall also inform about the new salary conditions at least once every year.

With the support from all managers the CEO is responsible to maintain the personnel policy. All recruitment shall be systematic, targeted and with the right competency level.

Transtronic stimulates competency development and we are encouraging internal movement.

​​​​​​​We treat all employees respectfully and we are in all actions  open minded and honest, and we are acting with good moral and ethical behavior focusing on equality. We consistently  following current legislations and regulations valid for an employing company, and we are ensuring a good working environment both physical as well as psychological.
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Working environment policy

Transtronic is striving for zero-tolerance in terms of accidents at work, both physical as well as psychological illness by:
  • Systematically look into, correct and follow every hazard that may lead to injuries and/or illness.
  • Create an awareness of the importance of a good working environment for every employee and the connection to increased profitability for Transtronic as a company.
  • Recruit appropriate personnel for every task within the company.

Environment policy

​​​​​​​Transtronic shall take actions in all aspects such as production, service and logistics to lower the impact on the environment. We are focusing on our production as well as transports, residual products and energy consumption.
In cooperation with our suppliers and customers we seek to find best possible solution for our environment in combination with function and cost for our products and services.

We shall follow legal environmental rules and regulations and in case there is a lack of rules and regulations we will act with carefulness.
Our business is consciously controlled according to a lifecycle perspective in terms of selection of material, recycling, residual products and minimizing the use of environmentally hazardous materials and wastes.
All employees shall be informed, trained and motivated to act environmentally friendly and by doing so reach the targets Transtronic sets for the future environment.